Monday, June 30, 2008

Star Wars Episode 0: The Bridge on the River Kwai

One of the nicest things we've done since arriving here has been rafting down the river kwai. They give you life jackets (I chose the hi-vis green one because the alternative was red and we were told not to wear that colour visiting the tigers; I thought not being mauled would improve the day significantly - not that there probably are any left in the wild, that theme park probably has a monopoly, like a drug dealer in a slum, sooner or later if all your mates are doing it you want a hit, and then there's no escape) and sit you on a raft. Those brave enough, and that includes me, can jump in a float down along side the empty raft. The water was cool (temperature not attitude), really pleasant to swim in. There wasn't a single sign of any hungry and aggressive looking animals and when I happened to conjecture to our group that swimming in this river might give us all some exotic disease the gondolier(?) took a cupped handful and drank it. There's nothing so pleasant and surreal as floating down a warm river surrounded by jungled hills and bathing elephants.

Later on we were taken to the famous bridge, which was weird for me since I don't know anything about it and haven't seen the film. ( I know, I know) Funnily enough everyone I asked, including Adam knew little or nothing about it and hadn't seen the movie either.

There was a constant stream of people walking across and I wonder how many were there for the actual history of the thing (which is the most noble scenario), because of the movie (ignoble but still better than option 3:), that they are aware that Obi Wan Kenobi was in another film set here and this is the titular bridge.

The Bridge, all together now (I'm so sick of saying it), Over The River Kwai.

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