Friday, June 27, 2008

A bag of coke and two tickets to Kanchanaburi

So Bangkok was too much to take after two days. Adam well equipped with what might have been described in a more polite time as a 'dicky tummy,' was in no fit state to keep walking down streets with four lanes of RELENTLESS traffic, being accosted on one side by the alternating smells of freshly prepared pad thai and slowly decomposing (but for the moment still alive) dog.

They told us it would take two days per visa for each of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam - we later found out that all but the vietnam ones could be procured at the border - so we hand over out passports and escape to the west. Kanchanaburi looked great from the smoggy streets of Bangkok so after yet another (it's getting boring reading it I know - but living it is a very different story) deathwish cab ride that took 45 minutes (and cost roughly 2 euros) we arrive at Thonburi station.

They only operate 3rd class trains out there so we buy two third class tickets and when I see the train, windows open, slowly growling, looking like it and all it's inhabitants want to eat me I decide that I've had enough. I need a bag of coke. I know, I know I shouldn't have but things got on top of me. To be fair it wasn't hard to find, and was bigger than any I've ever seen. Quite cheap too. Pictured below.

Be honest, it's huge - and it only cost 24 cents!

The view from the train. Rural Thailand.

A note on the below: I was too giddy with excitement to think of what to do with this afterwards. The ice inside was probably tap water frozen so drinking was out of the question: I found a public toilet at the station, girled by a young Thai who was conked asleep so I pretty much stole a go to dump this down the sink. From purchase to disposal I was bent over laughing... The locals must hate people like me...

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